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Hello and Thank you for visiting Voice Overs With Marcia!

“Voice overs to inspire and inform”

I have a passion to be creative and have always challenged myself to do so whether in music or in other venues.

Voiceovers became an important and exciting avenue to be creative and to help others bring life to their passion, products or their client's needs with a 'live' voice.

I have a wide range of vocal skills suitable for your next project.


With a Broadcast Quality HOME studio, I can provide a warm, rich, engaging, inviting and inspirational voice that will inspire and inform your audience or clients.

Imagine your passion coming to life with a voice! My approachable style delivers information quickly and efficiently!

Listen to my commercial and narration demos for a sample

and feel free to contact me for auditions.

If you are looking for someone to ‘sing your jingle’ or your Brand song – visit my demo page for a sample of me singing.  I can write your jingle as well!


In addition to voice over work I love Disneyland, walking, international travel,  spending time with friends and family and singing in the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Choir San Diego.

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